2020 Senior Spokesmodel Meet & Greet


Last weekend was SUCH a fun, jam-packed weekend! I had the chance to photograph all 15 of my super cool and fun senior spokesmodels! Each and every one of them bring something special to this team and I can’t wait to watch the year unfold! These girls and guys are smart, kind, hilarious, driven and involved in their communities! I feel so blessed to have these young men and women represent MRP this year!

We spent a few hours hanging out at Mita’s Coffee House and Fine Foods sipping on smoothies, Italian sodas, and even coffee for the awesome parents who attended! We learned more about each other, we opened gifts, and we enjoyed the good ole AC while each of them came outside one by one for their individual portraits. I’m so thankful for the small business support we have in this little community!

This year the team is a little different because we have SENIOR GUYS! Finally, I had a few boys apply and I can’t wait to see all how their individual personalities will add to the team. My heart behind this program still remains the same as it did last year and the year before. All I want out of this each program is to give seniors another tribe of people they feel comfortable with, people to rely on, a place to bounce thoughts and ideas, and most of all sharing kindness and togetherness with new people to be an example in their own individual communities.

Each year I have almost talked myself out of doing the program. It can be time consuming, there’s no way for me to offer it to every senior in the area, and it requires a lot of leg work to get it up and running. Still… each year I feel like God calls me to get on with it and launch applications… and so far I’ve always answered him with a reluctant yes. Then we shoot these mini sessions… and I know exactly why I do this. It brings people together – they have a second, third, or fourth tribe of people who are just like them that they can turn to for help during the crazy season of life. These kids can gain new friends – new friends of all kinds – different and alike. They leave the first session feeling celebrated and loved, which exactly how they should feel. I mean being a teenager is hard. Am I right?

Just a quick thank you to the amazing vendors who helped make this day special for my girls! : Lauren Hill of Head Over Hill Design Co. (t-shirts), Mita’s Coffee House, my bestie Katie Miller for hand lettering names on gift boxes and Cody Ray (for the sweet video shots)! ????

Now… I’m so proud to introduce the official Maddie Ray 2020 Spokesmodel Team!

Now it’s time for you to meet the 2020 Spokesmodel Team!

Paige Franks – Corsicana High School

Hannah Heaton – Dawson High School

Kinsley Fuller – Frost High School

Elizabeth Fitzhugh – Corsicana High School

Cade Johnson – Corsicana High School

Maci Coles – Corsicana High School

Jessie Wilson – Corsicana High School

Claire Johnson – Corsicana High School

Lane Fuentes – Corsicana High School

Kylee Ivey – Blooming Grove High School

Lex Thompson – Fairfield High School

Lizette Zuniga – Corsicana High School

Jennifer Hanna – Mildred High School

Bryce Harrison – Fairfield High School

Monica Saldana – Dawson High School

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