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July 6, 2016

8 Months & 80 Pounds Later | My Dog, Tripp

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This dog… he is hilarious, lazy, smart, cuddly, and HUGE!  He’s struggles with showing an overly needed amount of love sometimes aka jumping on you when he’s excited, but we’re working on it.  He loves going on walks, even though sometimes he whines and sits down in the middle of the road to demand a break.  He loves fetching and chewing on sticks and annoying his sister, Abby. Seriously, it’s like monkey see monkey do around here.  If Abby does something, well then so does Tripp.  It’s adorable!!  He also loves getting new toys, but they only last us about three days.  He has finally adjusted to the Texas heat after he hated being outside here unlike his love for the Virginia outdoors. 

It’s hard to believe Trippy Bear is already eight months old!  It feels like yesterday Cody and I decided we really wanted to take care of this furry six-week old puppy named Puff!!  Gosh, we love him!  It’s crazy!!  Like sometimes we look at each other and say he’s just a dog and we love him this much, so what is our life going to be like when we have kids!?  Who knows guys, who knows!!  We are so thankful for our chocolate ridgey (he’s part ridgeback, we assume) lab! 🙂 

We’re also SO thankful for this sweet and patient, Abby Girl! <3 

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