The Rent House

I set a goal two blog twice a week this year and it may already be 6:27 on this Thursday evening and I still have so much editing to do, but my goodness… I’m going to meet this goal. I can’t break it only two days in to this year!!

This blog post was meant to happen months ago before we actually finished buying our house and as a way for me to document the adorable home that we rented and made so many memories in. I won’t jump into the story of how we ended buying our new home yet… that’s on the list for another post. I gotta spread out the content people!

Anyways, this is our 304 Fairmont home. The home that I rented all by my lonesome while Cody was still in the Navy to give Tripp his own backyard again and to make sure we weren’t stuck with a truckload of home goods and living with our parents again. It fell into my lap thanks to a sweet friend! I’m so glad I jumped on it when she told me all about it. It was the perfect little place for us to start our new Texas adventure post Navy.

I’ve always prided myself on making ANY house a home. No matter if it’s an 800 square foot apartment or a 1300 square foot home. Decorating is one of the things that brings me joy! There’s a creativity behind it that fulfills my creative side more than I actually realize in the moment!!

We came to love this little place so much! Here’s a peak at the inside of our first rented HOME!

My life mantra! I wanted to say “our” but I honestly couldn’t tell you if Cody has read it. Also pictured, our photo books and wedding album. Some of my most prized possessions!

The little bathroom was adorable. The washing machine also set behind the barn door. Tight squeeze!

Where all the magic happened!!

One of my favorite rooms in the house. Love our McCain’s Furniture Store finds!

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