Hadley’s First Month

Hands down the fastest month of my life. How do we already have a one month old? We are trying our best to soak up every single moment with our precious girl!

This month has been hard. But not as hard as a thought it would be. It’s a good kind of hard I guess. We managed to fight through those baby blues where mama cried randomly. We worked through nursing issues and I think we are coming out on top. Dad went back to work. And guess what? We’re doing alright!

As I think back on the blur of what having a newborn is like… here are my favorite moments!

  • Showing off our girl to our closest family for the first time. Corona really changed what having a baby looks like and even though Hadley met people through masks, I’m glad they got to see her when she was fresh out of the oven!
  • The meeting of Hadley and Tripp! I was pretty nervous how he would respond to her since he has been the baby for five years, but he was so gentle and really wanted to get a lick in!
  • Feeling like a great team when Cody and I accomplished keeping this little human alive. I’ve never loved him more! As hard as breastfeeding has been, he knew I wanted to try my hardest for it to work before I gave up and I couldn’t have kept going without his support!
  • Watching a random barbecue competition show on Netflix during middle of the night feedings with Cody.
  • The one time Hadley projectile pooped on me and all over our white sheets!
  • Newborn smell. It’s the best ever. 
  • Figuring out how the heck to pump and watching Cody give her a bottle!
  • How precious she looks all wrapped up in a swaddle. Baby burritos are the best!
  • Her sneezes are just the best ever. If she can’t get one out, she does this little yell and I love it so much!
  • The first time she smiled at me and it wasn’t gas. I caught it on video and I’m so thankful for that. 
  • She’s a fantastic burper and they are looooud!
  • Dressing her up in her little pumpkin onesie on her first Halloween. Our little October baby 🙂

Hadley’s favorite things!

  • Hanging out in just her diaper! She’s a happy baby when she’s nakey.
  • She loves watching the ceiling fan. She stares at it whenever she’s awake.
  • Sleeping on our chests makes her the happiest. And mom isn’t mad about it either!
  • Enjoys her paci! I’m so thankful she takes it, but it does help.
  • She loves when people talk to her and she’s kind of cooing already. Her little voice is the sweetest. 
  • Baths! Her umbilical cord fell off super early so we’ve been giving baths every now and then for almost a whole month and she loves it.

Now.. on to the pictures from month one! Enjoy!

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