Kim + Daniel | Red Wing Park Elopement


I am SO happy I was asked to be a part of this big day!  We shot during midday.  It was a toughy, because man it was hot and bright, but it didn’t keep the smiles and laughter away for Kim and Daniel’s big day!! It was full of the sweetest and most intimate moments I’ve ever been a part of.  I loved it so much!
Shooting weddings is newer to me.  It’s a whole different ball game than shooting sweet families, seniors and couples.  I can control every almost every situation within those types of sessions, but when it comes to a wedding day… you’re on someone else timeline.  With that being said, what better way to start than with an elopement?!  Right?!

Congrats to Kim + Daniel on this crazy and adventured filled ride we call marriage.  I hope it brings you years of happiness and joy!!  Remember those vows and always, always love one another!!! <3

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He was a trooper for toughing out the heat in that uniform.  I swear you guys… those things have zero, zilch, nada breathing room.

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