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April 22, 2020

Shifting Gears | Senior Spokesmodels


In 2016, I was 21 years old when I officially moved back from Virginia, left my husband there to be with the Navy, moved back in with my parents, started interning for school and then also needed a project to keep myself distracted from the craziness life had brought. So I started the senior spokesmodel program. All of the seniors that have been through the program have brought me so much joy + happiness throughout the last few years!

The program has kept me busy. Kept me young. Kept me involved with the community. I’ve gotten to watch several of my seniors journey off to college, start a life, and now I’m even getting to shoot college senior sessions for them again. I kind of feel like a proud sister!

That being said, all good things must come to an end, right? Even things you created, loved and nurtured for four years running. As our little family grows and Cody and I welcome our little one this September… we will officially be ending the MRP Senior Spokesmodel program.

Man, that’s the first time I’ve typed that out or said it out loud. As much as I love the program and as rewarding as it feels, I have had to be honest with myself and realize it is time consuming. It takes up a lot of the year when you’re scheduling, planning, and photographing multiple shoots for 12 (or sometimes 15 or 24) seniors all at once and once Baby Ray is here… our time will be limited. I’ll be sleep deprived. All of that glorious stuff, ya know!?

I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve the seniors in our community for the last four years. I’ve loved getting to know each and every one of them and I’m hopeful I will continue to meet more of them through individual senior sessions in the future. 🙂

As I close out this chapter of Maddie Ray Photography and so I can laugh at the memories instead of being sad, I think its time to walk down memory lane… 

I’ll start with the OGs. The 2017 group of gals was hilarious. They found all kinds of ways to get together and watch the Bachelor. Some of them had never met before that year and are still best friends to this day. This group is kind, hilarious, and an all-around good time. I couldn’t have asked for betters gals to kick off my program with! WE NEED A REUNION!!! Am I right?!?

Halle, Alyssa, Ashley, Callie, Samantha, Parker, Elise, Ashlynd, Taya, Emily, Katie – love y’all forever!

Ah, my 2018 group! So different, but so much alike. We met for the first time on hottest summer day in August because Texas, but look how gorgeous these images are!? These were SO much fun!!! Not going to lie, this my was shy group, but honestly… I loved how much they trusted me and their senior sessions were some of my favorites. Plus, it was such a blessing watching this group become friends!! And man their cap + gown shoot was the prettiest ever!!!

Abbey, Claire, Jada, Ally, Anna, Abby, Alison, Cate, Melissa, Avery, and Payton – love you long time!!

My massive 2019 group because I just couldn’t pick. Seriously, if you could have seen Cody and I combing through the applications for weeks. We went over them again and again on the way to weddings. Ha! ROUGH STUFF!! This was the year we had the most applicants!! I was SO excited and just picked 1/4 of them and then felt like I was teaching a full class of kids at shoots, but that’s okay!!! It was so much fun!! This was the first year we partnered with a local business, Merle Norman, and they helped us have one heckuva meet + greet!!

Callie, Madison, Abby, Stefani, Kasey, Tatum, Addie, Hallie, Anna, Macie, Bailey, my other Bailey, Jocelyn, Lauren, Emma, Ashlyn, Emily, Hannah, OQ, Reagan, Abby, Audrey, Lauren, and Maddie – LOVE Y’ALL!

The last and final group – with GUYS finally!!! I mean I had worked years to get guys to apply and it finally happened!! YAY! I narrowed the numbers back down for the 2020 group and I’m so glad I did! It’s so much easier to get to know them all when there’s a smaller number and this is group is SO unique!! They’re so different and involved in vastly different things, but fit together perfectly! This year we were able to host them at our new house since our last living room was TINY! We had the best campfire shoot, one I’d been dreaming about for years, and I’m so glad we finally got it done!!

Monica, Hannah, Jessie, Cade, Lizette, Jennifer, Paige, Lex, Elizabeth, Maci, Lane, Kinsley, Claire, Kylee, and Bryce – thanks for being the best group to end on! LOVE YA!

Look at all these memories! Thankful for a great four years!!



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