Summertime South Congress Hotel Wedding | Callie + Grayson


We can all say that it’s been quite the year. We can also all say that none of us know what’s going to happen next at this point and Callie and Grayson can definitely concur. These two were set to be married this October, but since the world continues to be unpredictable… they decided to switch things up and get married sooner rather than later! Let me tell you that Callie’s sweet mama, Amy, got the ball rolling on this big change and it worked beautifully because I have the pictures to prove it!

Cody and I love all of our couples. New and old. Past and present. But these Corona couples… man there’s just a different kind of relationship we form with them during this weird time. I get nervous on every wedding day. I want to do my best job for our brides and grooms, but during this time where our couples are constantly stressed, sacrificing, missing family members, and hitting more obstacles than you can probably imagine… I am constantly telling Cody that I want to a better job than I ever have before. The weight of what photography really means seems to matter even more than it did before.. at least in my mind!

Callie and Grayson’s wedding day shifted dramatically. New wedding dress because production was halted on Callie’s first pick. New color scheme. New season. New venue in a new city. Cutting a guest list by a lot more than half. No official bridal party pictures. Changes that would make any girl feel defeated, but you know what? This wasn’t plan B to Callie. This was her wedding day. No matter what changes were made, I can tell that she was just happy to marry Grayson and Grayson was just happy to marry Callie. Isn’t the marriage part what a wedding is all about? So I’ll be positive here and say thanks COVID for showing us what really matters!

In a small, beautifully decorated room at the South Congress Hotel, their family and friends shared the most heartfelt speeches. We got to learn a little bit more about the kindhearted and loving people Callie and Grayson are. We learned that their families are pretty darn hilarious and so full of love. Sometimes in marriage, you not only need to lean on each other, but you also need a village. Callie and Grayson? Well they have a good, good village.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this gorgeous and intimate wedding day! Meet Mr. & Mrs. Norris!


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