Texas Field Engagements | Madison & Connor


Sep 12, 2019

There’s a few things that just don’t get old. They are as follows:

  1. Photographing your old friend and watching her get to be a bride! Eeeek!
  2. Fur babies at engagement sessions. Or any session for that matter. Just look at the first picture and you’ll know why.
  3. Shooting in fields. Paired with brides who know about my love affair with fields, therefore they want to shoot in one. YAS!

So now… you get to meet Madison and Connor AND Joey who allowed me to enjoy all of those three things above yesterday. It was on the windy side, but the rained missed us so I think we will all just be grateful for that. Texas weather man. Comes out of nowhere I’m telling ya!

I can’t wait to watch these two (actually three) tie the knot next spring at The Flying V Ranch! I’ve known Madison since we were just little gals because our loving, but crazy aunt’s are besties. What an honor it is to get to play a little role in her and Connor’s wedding day! This is going to be real, real fun.

Say hi to the happy couple, y’all! Madison and Connor, you’re keepers!

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