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When I pull out the camera, especially with my seniors, I feel like I’m creating more than just a picture.  I’m creating lifelong memories.  I’m creating a moment where someone feels important and beautiful.  I’m creating an experience that doesn’t happen very often.
I’m a photographer because I believe in the value of a memory.  I believe in the value of keeping a moment frozen in time forever.  I believe making someone feel confident and beautiful.  These are the things that warm my heart and really, really make me love what I do.


Some of the best images come from genuine laughter and confident smiles.  I get to help create those moments and seriously how awesome is that?!  I’ve been so blessed in the past since most of my seniors have known me.  They have felt comfortable with me and I’m so thankful for that.  I love the idea that I can help these beautiful girls and handsome guys relax enough to really show their true personalities.


Out of every type of session that I offer senior portrait sessions definitely rank pretty high.  Couples are another one of my favorite things to capture because love is just an amazing thing to photograph.

I love the idea of girls and guys feeling like rockstars during their senior portrait sessions.  They should totally feel this way, because they ARE!  They are about to begin a brand new journey and there’s no better way to capture the moment, in my opinion, than by rocking out their confidence and livelihood in some photographs.


I am so blessed to have spent time with such amazing seniors in the past.  I can’t wait to enjoy new seniors in the future!  This is seriously the best job.  Like I said before, I create more than just a picture. These photographs represent memories and a full on experience representing the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. <3


I’ve been working on creating a whole new experience for my seniors beginning in 2016. These seniors truly make my heart happy, which is why I want to devote more to them.  Check out my brand new senior welcome guide and let me know whatcha think. 🙂

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