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June 4, 2020

What To Wear | Spring + Summer Edition


Picking outfits is often the hardest thing about preparing for your portrait session. It can be overwhelming when having to dress multiple people and finding an outfit that YOU love, too. Right mama? Well, I’m here to help! Sharing all the do’s and don’ts of picking out the best outfits for your spring or summer shoot. 🙂

Truthfully, what you decide to wear for your session is very important to the overall look in your images. Although something may look great in person, it doesn’t always mean it will photograph well and if you don’t necessarily love the outfits you pick… you will feel indifferent about your photos as well. Now on to the tips and tricks for choosing the perfect outfits!

Choose outfits that are earth tones, neutrals, or soft pastels.

These colors photograph beautifully and tie in well with my light and airy style. Softer colors also help create more simple and sweet images and allow for your precious family to stand out even more with no bright colors or reflections taking away from the memories we will be making.

Wear solids or florals. – Stay away from text, stripes, or patterns. These things can often be distracting and take away from YOU! However, florals photograph beautifully as long as it isn’t a bright or bold print. Remember, the softer the pattern and the softer the color the better friends!

Wear outfits that fit with a natural, outdoor environment. – Guys, leave your work khakis and stiff collared shirts at home. Stick with casual khakis, colored pants, or jeans and relaxed shirts. Girls, wear wedges, booties, boots, or sandals. Stilettos won’t fit in with the environment and will be very hard to get around in! The last thing you want to remember about your shoot is you constantly sinking in the ground or stumbling while chasing your babes.

Wear a dress or maxi skirt. – Girls, dresses and flowy skirts photograph much more feminine and flattering than jeans or pants. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts photograph the best! Seriously… I’m not a dress girl myself, but I wear one to almost every shoot because of how flattering they look on my body and they always photograph so well!

Coordinate outfits with everyone, but don’t match exactly. – Consider the group as a whole when choosing all of the outfits; however, don’t have everyone match exactly. You want your outfits to complimentary to one another because this allows for more texture and depth. Plus, looking like a big white blob isn’t always visually pleasing. If you know what I’m saying!

Here’s an example of how outfits can flow together:

Around here… simple is better. I promise. I hope this was helpful for choosing your outfits this summer. All fams receive a full outfit planning guide when they schedule their shoot. Full of store recommendations and galleries with more outfit ideas. Happy outfit planning friends!

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