I’m Maddie Ray, a photographer in Dallas who is originally from a little town called Corsicana. If you love fiercely and are ready for an adventure, we’re going to have a heck of a time. I’ll take care of the rest. Every photoshoot I’m a part of has two things in common — adventure and love.

Service: Communicate and serve with gratitude
Storytelling: Remember that the story is the heart and foundation of the image
Steadfastness: Create consistent work with the utmost quality

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The values that guide my photography:

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Listening to your needs, wishes and concerns so that we can create photos that feel authentically like you 
An abundance of resources to ensure that you feel prepared and confident before every session
A thorough preparation guide including what to wear (for engagement photos & family photos)
Empowering you (especially brides & mamas) to show up confidently by creating a laid back atmosphere that lets you just be you
A free posing tutorial so you’ll know what to expect and will feel like a natural

I’m a sixth grade teacher turned wedding photographer. My teacher's heart can’t help but guide you through every step. 

Here are a few things you can expect along the way:

Cody, my husband & second shooter
Hadley, our sweet baby girl
Tripp, our fur baby 

Ya’ll, I couldn’t do this
 Without these three.

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 10 years old, but I started my career as a middle school teacher! At one point, I was teaching 6th grade and practically running my photography business full time. In 2018, a sense of peace came over me as I thought about which direction I should go. I quit my teaching job and I took the plunge into this dream of a job as a photographer in Dallas.

I truly feel called to document and savor the beauty and emotion behind every day and extraordinary days. I don’t want families or couples to remember “taking pictures” on their wedding day, or for families to consider our time together a chore. I want you to remember the little moments you share — like holding hands as you walk through the aisle, newly wed, or when your three year old giggles as you spin her around.

I’m just the one there, making you feel natural in front of the camera, as we capture priceless moments together — ones that will feel sentimental when you look at the images years later.

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I’m known for wearing my boots to casual photo sessions and occasional country weddings. It gives me the ability to go first when we climb through tall grasses and frolic in fields. Plus, being outdoors just makes me feel more grounded and connected with the world around me.


I am a creature of habit. Creating routines for myself makes me feel more human and excited to start the day while working at home.

decoR &

I love to decorate and cook! Cody, my husband, used to be in the Navy and I've always been a huge believer that it doesn't matter where you physically live. Making a house (or even a 800-square-foot apartment) a home is the best thing you can do for your soul.


I can never decide if I'm a mountain or beach girl — I love them both. One year, we booked a spontaneous trip to Alaska and it's probably one of the best things we ever did.

Introducing Hadley Elizabeth Ray

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We are so thankful. Cody and I love being parents to this precious little girl and even though we’re a little sleep deprived, we know that this stage doesn’t last forever, and we’re cherishing these first few weeks. God is so good!

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I also adore getting to know my clients! I want to hear all about you, your family and what you’re looking for in a photographer.

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