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December 31, 2019

Best of 2019 | Weddings + Engagements

Couples/Engagements, Weddings

Every now and then I’ll take a picture and I just know that I nailed it. It immediately gets stored in my mind as one of the “Top 100” shots I’ve ever taken!! Still… with every new wedding season that comes I often wonder if I’ll be able to top the year before! Will I be able to nail it? Will I get better the next year?! I guess I never want to just stay in the same groove. I want to continue to create epic portraits for my clients. 2020 – I’m telling ya. I want to nail every single shoot. Snap that money shot every single time. So I’ll be taking less work so I can poor my heart into this!

The late winter and spring 2019 weddings that we booked were the main reason I resigned from teaching so these are the sweet couples who allowed me to follow my dream and jump into this business full-time!!! These couples will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart for this reason! Needless to say, I started off 2019 with some fears about everything from paying my bills to serving everyone well. Luckily, I work well under pressure and fear is what drives me to be better!!

This post is far longer than I would have ever anticipated!!! I just had so many favorites from this year and it was definitely one to remember, y’all! I hope you enjoy reliving these amazing weddings from 2019!!

Maggie and Logan’s wedding at One Eleven East was an absolute dream even during the biggest torrential downpour in Central Texas in probably a decade. We shot close to every picture inside and we still captured so much goodness. This was a challenging day for me, but I did it. I have it under my belt now so bring on the rain! Just kidding, don’t. I don’t want to scare my 2020 brides!

I will always gladly travel to Austin or the Hill Country to shoot your engagement session. Yes, I will!

March 2nd – Texas Independence Day. Hence this epic shot of the groomsmen with the Texas flag and the pistols the groom gifted them. In my humble Texan opinion, Old Bethany has the best getting ready room for the guys. Good light and great decor!

In regards to weather, this was also one of the toughest wedding days of the year! The wind was definitely kicking around 20 miles per hour, the sprinkles were starting, and it was starting to get dark. Courtney and Ben were troopers and we tucked her veil in weird places to make it work!

Second shot this beautiful wedding with The Crakes, but I just had to share these because this springy green color is the BEST!

One more rainy wedding where we shot almost every portrait INSIDE! Rain ain’t got nothin’ on us!

This is a film shot. Probably my favorite photo I took all year. I don’t know why exactly, but guys… every time I’ve tried to use my film camera it’s like the devil himself has been working against me. I had one camera break during a shoot. Batteries have died. The film wouldn’t roll. So many things. In 2020, I’m not giving up!

I shot this precious tiny church ceremony for my sweet friend, Tatum and her groom Andrew! It was a freezing day in January, but we hunkered down right here and got them married!

Kyla and Raul’s November wedding at Willow Creek was the epitome of simplicity, love, and beauty. And would you look at that golden hour glow?!

Aaron and Betsy on film. That is all.

A trend I’ll never get over? Dirty frosted wedding cakes.

The one time Betsy and Aaron flew us to Nashville for their wedding at the Scarritt-Bennett Center and I loved it all so much that I want to live in Nash part time. Anyone want to take me back? 🙂

One of my favorite daddy-daughter shots of the year. Elissa and Jonathan’s wedding at Salt Lick Pecan Grove was one of Cody and I’s favorite weddings of the year. Why? Well, we love good barbecue and epic portrait spots. 🙂

We got to photograph a long time friend of mine marry the girl of his dreams in Houston. After a random thunderstorm blew through town, this is what we were left with. That’s one beautiful spring day!

This wedding will be one of the highlights of my entire career. From the most outstanding vendors in the Dallas area, to the sweetest couple who were game for anything, and details that still have me swooning months later. This Arlington Hall wedding was definitely one for the books and I can’t think Zach and Megan enough for having us capture it all!

This shot makes my heart flutter a bit. So romantic!

This is Cody’s sister, Ashley and her now hubby, Brinton. I’m pretty sure everyone should take a lesson from her and bring a Thunderbird to their engagement session!

For the people who think we only shoot the pretty and classy things on a wedding day… WRONG! We also have a little fun and Brandi and Wade were down for that!!!

Some of my favorite getting ready shots of the year. This was our first Thursday wedding and we loved celebrating on a weekday with Sierra and Hunter! This venue, Brownstone Reserve, is one of our all-time favorites in College Station.

Girls, I need more peony bouquets in my life. Please?!

A red dress for their super fun wedding reception. Tradition breakers are my FAVORITE!!!

Ashley and Brinton tied the knot in her mama’s backyard in Uvalde, Texas. It was laid back and magical. 10/10 recommend this option for weddings. Big or small – we love it!

Cathedral length veils. Will 2020 bring me more? I definitely hope so! Ben and Yolande are two of the sweetest people we have ever met. They trusted us fully to capture their day!! It was so memorable because they had a 10am ceremony at Aristide – Flower Mound! They served their guests brunch, coffee and OJ! It was the best and we were home by 2:00pm!!

These two are obviously very good at portraits! My heart.

Matt and Hannah will be gracing the blog again in March! Backstory about this session location. This tree sits at the back of a very busy restaurant parking lot. They trusted me anyways and I loveeeee these so much!!!

You most definitely can’t go wrong with engagements in a cotton field. Taryn and Kyle will be gracing the blog in February!

This venue, Springs Events – Denton, was one of my favorites from the 2019 season! It is nestled in hills I didn’t even know north Texas had! Hannah and Kason’s day was full of love for their family and they even shared it with us! This was one wedding where I just feel like we nailed it. Felt SO good!

Dreamy Dallas light with Andy and Sara!!

See what I’m talking about with these veils? OBSESSED! Jennifer and Steve’s Robert Carr Chapel was STUNNING!

Katy + Austin = some of the funnest folks ever! Nailed the exit and nailed the jackets. Loved celebrating their day at the RoseMary Barn in McKinney!

My goodness, I love this shot. I also really, really love Kendall and Travis.

Back to the Austin thing. I’m always down for shooting there. Amanda and Justin are tying the knot next spring! She already showed me her dress and I almost passed out. That will be a blog beauty for sure!

Tiffany and Brandon’s summer wedding is what dreams where made of. We love shooting at Willow Creek and we shoot their often, but all of the gorgeous touches that Tiffany added throughout her day had us falling in love with that venue in ways we never had before. It was so hard to only pick a few of these! Ah!

Meet Madison and Connor who are getting hitched in Decatur next May at a venue I’ve only dreamed of shooting at. Get ready, I told you 2020 will be good.

Sweet Amber. We booked this studio as a back up for her bridals because the weather looked iffy. We used it. Nailed it. Then a month later it poured on her wedding day. She was the epitome of grace about the bad weather and I love her for it. Just wait until you see her epic wedding portraits and Tower Club – Dallas!

The rain came just in time for portraits, but we made it work! I couldn’t love these enough!

She also nailed a dance with her dad. Hilarious and fun!

Morgan and Jesse tied the knot at Trickle Creek Events in Weatherford. You only need to know two things… there was an extremely epic tree and Jesse declared himself groom of the month. That last part was probably useless information for you, but it’s true.

It seems like we waited forever for Kayla and Hayden’s wedding day. Kayla had planned for almost two years and what a beautiful day it was! I’ve known both of them for as long as I can remember and watching them and their two families come together was something I’ll never forget. It was truly a day full of love. Holden, if you’re reading this… yes… a crying picture is coming. For those of you who don’t know, Holden is Hayden’s baby brother and my goodness were the tears flowing for everyone during his speech!!

Meet Ashley and Dalton. High school sweethearts and adorable as all get out!! We shot at Dalton’s family home where he grew up and we couldn’t have asked for prettier leaves or a better day!! You will be seeing them again this June!!

If I had to name the sweetest person I have ever met, Lauren may just be it! This was a wedding day where Cody and I felt 100% included and just like family!! I have zero doubt that Lauren and Mark will always be surrounded by lots of love and undying support! I mean just look at her crew helping her getting ready… they adore her!

Katie and Mike – two of the most gracious people ever! When they moved their wedding date up a whole year, Cody and I were totally on board! Their wedding isn’t edited yet, but I mean would you look at her smile.

We love it when a Texas fall still looks like summer. Christian and Kirsten shared one of the most Christ-filled days we had been apart of. I am a longtime friend with each of their families and this day was SO special to capture!!

Last but not least, our final wedding of 2019!! Austin and Sara said I do at the RoseMary Barn then let us drag them around for portraits with sparklers, a couple of donkeys, and a photo booth!!! It was a beautiful day and just what we needed to finish out the year strong!!

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