Behind the Scenes 2019


Y’all… I have to be honest. Sometimes we are terrible about taking behind the scenes photos around here. Most of the time I can forgive Cody for not taking some of the most unflattering pictures of me while I’m working. Bless him, but it’s still so much fun to document us doing our thing every year!! Luckily, we do have a handful good shots of me bossing bridal parties around and Cody being my test subject for everything. Even a BTS veil flip shot is thrown in here somewhere!

This is my favorite post of the year! At the beginning of every wedding season, I make a point to remind both Cody and myself that we need to take a few pictures of what each wedding day actually looks like from our perspective. I love working with Cody, and I’m really reminded of why I love having him be on my team when I see all these pictures come together at the end of each year. Cody works so hard at every wedding to make sure that my job is easier (I mean we don’t call him a pack mule for no reason), and I can’t thank him enough for that!!

This year included shooting Nashville – a literal dream wedding that naturally we didn’t capture any BTS shots at! We captured a couple of intimate backyard weddings, shot both an Austin wedding and a Houston wedding in the same weekend, and shot over 30 weddings total!!! What?! What an honor and privilege it is to have such a unique job freezing time and making memories last forever!!! We are forever grateful for the couples that TRUST us and allow us to serve them on one of the most memorable days they will ever have!! Enjoy seeing weddings from our days behind the camera!! Try not to laugh TOO hard!

Sometimes I like to dance at receptions. 🙂

I’m always willing to help pump up the bridal party so videographers can get that real emotion that makes all videos great!!

This girl + Studio 11 Events = best planner/coordinator around! Specifically, to Austin, but still. 😉

When one of your besties attends a wedding you are shooting. Cheese!

Sometimes your brides just need a hug and a pep talk! Right girls?!

Constantly including myself in a dance off OR the Aggie War Hymn.

“Cody… I need you to stand here and look as pretty as Maggie. Thanks!”

Cody Ray… constantly killing the moment and the reason I shoot 5 frames at once. We love him though!

The Williams + The Vickerys… two of our favorite Maddie Ray Couples!!!

Let me hold that baby!!!

Cody telling another groomsman that his wife + boss said he couldn’t have a beer.

Emily’s thoughts after experiencing her first wedding!

The best brides grab your hand and want to DANCE!

If your shoot includes baseball, you bet this guy will be there.

Forever fixing veils and carrying kids!

Anything for THE shot. Right boys?

Telling Raul that even though the cake fell over in the car… it has been salvaged. Not sure if he believed me! Ha!

Noticing the hair tie… and then snatching the hair tie!

I can also place cake toppers.

When it’s muddy but I want to try a shot anyways. We make it work. White sheets are AMAZING!

Me figuring out to let this groomsman know that I’m terrible at putting on boutonnieres.

Maddie Ray sibling weddings! We will be adding the next sibling in line spring of 2020!!!

For reference, I don’t turn my back to ceremonies. The bride + groom were in the balcony! Haha!

We DID it!!!!!

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