Behind the Scenes | 2018


Oh man. 2018 was quite the year, personally and professionally. So many amazing people, weddings, great experiences, teaching my first set of students, getting to finally live in the same place as Cody for a whole year, and the list goes on.

Highlights from 2018 include:
– Going full-time in June! So pumped for my first year as a full-time photog!
– Katie & Hunter’s tornado wedding
– Jessyka + Wes’s Telluride wedding
– More weddings at AMAZING venues all over Texas
– Shooting over 100 sessions for seniors, couples and families
– Bringing Cody on as a second shooter
– Shooting three weddings the one and only Bree Brauchle

So here it is… the look at the not so curated and pretty side of this dream job of mine. READ ON Y’ALL!

Can you see me?!
Climbing on chairs to hang dresses + Audra stops doing hair to hold the pup. #teamwork
Sometimes you need your parents to come wrangle the horse or give you a lending hand…
Beach sessions are the best sessions. πŸ™‚
You should almost always bring a friend to your senior session because we do things like this!
Sessions at the Frio are also the best sessions.
The man… the myth… the legend.
Those expensive yeti coolers aren’t just for cooling!
That one time on the right that I fell in the creek. No cameras were harmed.
Glorified husband assistants. πŸ˜‰
Getting brides through doors since 2015.
Old Bethany – it’s bee-yoo-tiful!
When you think you’re not in the shot… when in fact you are.
The guys always like… who hired this bossy chick? LOL
Cody is obviously loads of fun. πŸ˜‰
We love animals… big AND small!

I’ll end this fun post with this sweet little flower girl who I loved dancing with. So thankful for all of the support and experience 2018 brought! Love y’all! xoxo

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