Brown Family | Corsicana, Texas Family Portrait Session


Oh I just love this sweet, sweet family.  If you said Kelly + Blaine’s kids weren’t cute… you’d be lying!!!  They seriously have the most adorable family.  This is my second time photographing the kiddos, but first time photographing mom and dad.  I’m so glad they joined in this go around because look at how much FUN they all had together!!  I think these photos will be the perfect addition somewhere on a wall in the Brown family’s home!  Love! 🙂
2015-10-17_0061 2015-10-17_0062 2015-10-17_0063 2015-10-17_0064 2015-10-17_0065 2015-10-17_0066 2015-10-17_0067This cutie!!! 2015-10-17_0068 2015-10-17_0069 2015-10-17_0070 2015-10-17_0071Oh handsome boys! 2015-10-17_0072 2015-10-17_0073 2015-10-17_0075 2015-10-17_0076 2015-10-17_0077Yep, I just love this! Normally after you had the kids, no one takes couple pictures anymore… BUT YOU SHOULD! <3 2015-10-17_0078 2015-10-17_0079 2015-10-17_0080 2015-10-17_0082He’s outgrown Mom and Dad’s kisses… Ha! 🙂2015-10-17_0081 2015-10-17_0083Little Miss Lola is such a ham!2015-10-17_0084 2015-10-17_0085 2015-10-17_0086I think this might be my favorite! <3 2015-10-17_0087 2015-10-17_0088 2015-10-17_0089 2015-10-17_0090

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