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It has been quite the year!  This business and I have received more blessings than I could have ever imagined possible.  I never could have imagined the drastic jump in business I would receive once I moved back from Virginia, but I do know I set goals and somehow, someway I reached them with a little faith and a lot of coffee.

I was busy this year and I mean SO busy with school, sessions, and traveling back & forth between Virginia.  A few days I hit a couple of road blocks, I shed a few tears here and there, but I made it and I was blessed with a successful year in business and that ever-sought after college 4.0. I learned a little about hustle and drive and a lot about pulling yourself out of those “quitting seems like a good idea right now” moments.  More importantly, I learned along the way that saying “no” is good for your sanity and your stress level.  I learned how important it is to schedule a weekend off every now and then and ensure myself enough time to just do me. Oh man this was a hard lesson to learn and hard to accomplish.  The hard work DOES pay off though and it is so so much sweeter than I could have ever hoped for!

Although the beginning of 2016 was rather slow since I was still living on the east coast, the year ended in a whirlwind of sessions and weddings.  I decided to shift through my images from the last year and choose a few of my favorites.  I was blessed to work with so many wonderful families, seniors, and couples.  I photographed not one, but TWO, surprise engagements.  I took the jump into wedding photography and served five of the sweetest couples EVER!  I photographed the sweetest Navy homecoming where a sweet baby girl and mama waited anxiously for their sailor – all the tears!  I caught baby fever during the snuggliest newborn sessions and hung out with the funniest kiddos.  It was a good, good year y’all!  Bring on all the memory making in 2017!  I am ready for it all!


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