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See you laters are hard.  No matter whether they are for a week, a month, or a year.  The initial goodbye is the worst and it feels like ripping off a bandaid.  Maybe that sounds dramatic, but I know that’s what it always feels like.  Eventually, life settles back into a routine and being apart becomes the norm again.  Most of the time I feel guilty for complaining (even if I never say it out loud) about being away from Cody while my friends have husbands on ships missing out on everything going on in their lives.  Honestly, I feel for them.  I really do, but no matter the circumstance being apart is never fun. 

Leaving is always hard.  I will literally see Cody again in two weeks, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  I find strength in knowing that being apart teaches you some things.  For example, I’ve learned a lot about cherishing every moment.  Yeah, the saying is cliche… like suuuuuper cliche, but still true.  I’ve learned a lot about not staying mad.  Yeah, that should be a given, except I know you know it’s not always that easy.  Oh, and being apart makes being together better.  It’s been said that Cody and I being apart so much is wrong, bad, however they worded it… but really, I beg to differ.  We grow more with each month we spend apart.  So when we are in a season of life where we are together every single waking moment we will be better at it because distance shaped us to trust, to cherish, and to forgive.  See… we win even though it feels like we’re losing. 🙂 

I am so thankful to have spent the last three weeks with my Cody Ray.  It flew by so quickly!  We spent well deserved time together and ate really bad – but it was worth it.  Let’s be real... life is nothing without pizza and frozen yogurt.  

I can’t wait for my next journey back to Virginia Beach!!  If you think about it y’all, Cody has close to a year and a half left in the Navy.  Time is flying, thank goodness!!  Before long he will be a full-time Texan again, starting a brand new chapter in his life, and we will be reunited physically as sidekicks!!  Once again, no matter the circumstance or timeframe spent apart – leaving is always hard.  If you’re in the same boat as me, I’m on your team and I’m always here to talk!  Distance is NOT for the faint of heart. xoxo

Photo by Elizabeth Banks Photography

Photo by Elizabeth Banks Photography

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