Madison’s Bridals | A Sweet Southern Front Porch Bridal Session


It’s not often that I get to do bridal sessions. However, when I do, I LOVE them! Especially when I’m working with brides like Madison! I just love her and I have been able to relate to her on every level of fast paced wedding planning and really just having to go with the flow!  I can’t believe she planned her beautiful wedding in such a short time and didn’t lose her mind.  I mean really short-term engagement brides need a special club or something!  Who needs a whole year to plan the biggest day of your life?! 

I met Madison on a HOT summer day at one of the most gorgeous houses in Corsicana!  Yep, you know the one!  However, she didn’t come alone… she actually came with a whole entourage of family and friends! It was a blast! I love having so many helpers, veil tossers and dress fluffers!  My job was so easy!  Madison got into her dress once she arrived and I was just in awe at how stunning she was!  We walked outside and of course the heat hit us right in the face, but Madison handled it like a champ!  She even whipped her hair up without worry, because that’s just something you learn when you’re from Texas.  Humidity and sweat always wins. 

Thank you for having me, Madison!  Congratulations on becoming Mrs. Medrano!!!  Y’all enjoy some of my favorites from Madison’s shoot and let me know which is your favorite!!! I’m going to have to go with the shots on the fence! She is just glowing!! xoxo

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