Pregnancy, Priorities & Pandemics


I’ve blogged nothing personal in a long, long time. Life has been wild, business has been busy, and I’ve put capturing personal things on the back burner. It’s funny how a positive pregnancy test will put a lot of things in perspective! Like how I let myself become a workaholic or how I was so burnout I hated picking up my camera for personal pictures. But that plus sign… immediately changed things for me. That and then corona came along two months later and then really, really changed things for everyone.

On January 13th, 2020… I left my long-term sub job, headed straight to Dollar General to buy a pregnancy test. I had told Cody for a few days that something was up and I was pretty sure that Aunt Flo should have made her arrival by then. He just laughed it off and then I chalked it up to stress and maybe just a shifting cycle. I ventured through Dollar General and sure enough they were sold out of pregnancy tests. I was like, “God… is this my sign that Aunt Flo will be here tomorrow or something!?” Still… something in me made me stop on over at Super One before heading home. I bought the cheap tests because in the back of my mind… I didn’t think I could really be pregnant. Like there’s NO way. We hadn’t been preventing for a while and I was honestly to the point where I wondered if I needed to see a doctor about that situation. I hurried home, nervous and feeling like a scared teenager honestly, ran to the bathroom while a confused Cody wanted to know what I was doing, took the test, and we waited together in the living room. We had taken a couple of tests before and this time I told myself that I wasn’t going to be disappointed if there was no plus sign – I was just going to let it be.

I set my phone to record and propped it up on the tv stand JUST in case, you know? I counted down the seconds for the two minute mark, we sat down together, and finally looked at the test…. POSITIVE. I was in shock, Cody didn’t think it was a real test, but it most definitely was and here we are now at 21 weeks with Baby Girl Ray just squirming inside of me. What a ride. Ha!

Since that day, I have let a lot of worry and stress go. Unnecessary pressure that I put on myself to work every single day of my life or to bend over backwards for certain people who wouldn’t ever do the same for me. A baby does change things and for me it was for the better. Thankful for my girl and the fact her mere existence showed me what was is important. And although being pregnant during this pandemic has been quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions… Corona has also shown me what really matters, too. Because of Corona, my schedule was cleared, which was a little stressful, but it allowed Cody and I to be able to enjoy lots of time together before she arrives. We put up her crib and instead of having to just through it up in a hurry because I needed to be somewhere else or doing something else… I got to enjoy it. I actually picked up my camera to photograph it. We have slowly worked on her room – something I’ve enjoyed doing the most. I’ve had weekends to spend with family. Life has been good. I’m thankful to be working a little again to support my family, but these few months have shown me what I’d prefer my work schedule to be like. Let’s just say… MRP will be making changes to scheduling soon. My little family needs it and that’s totally okay.

Anyways, thanks for supporting us on this journey friends + fam! Can’t wait to share more and more soon!! xoxo

This guy has zero idea about what’s coming! Hang on tight, Bubba Bear!

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