Trey & Kristin | Engaged


Oh these two. <3 Prepare yourself for the cutest engagement session you have ever seen in your LIFE! I mean really… their wedding in two short months and I’m counting down the days until I get to capture their love all over again in Georgetown, TX.

I’ve known Kristin since forever. I really don’t even remember when I actually met her. Sometime in high school I’m thinking, but the important thing about her is that she was one of the first people who EVER paid me for my “photography services” – if only you could see her college senior pictures guys. Things have seriously changed at Maddie Ray Photography since then.

I’ve seen Kristin in all parts of her life – high school, college, with her family – and watching her with Trey this past weekend was makes me believe that this is no doubt her happily ever after. I know he will lead her and love her fiercely. I can’t wait to watch them be husband and wife.

This is a long one… warning you now, but it’s P-R-E-CIOUS! Promise you don’t want to miss it. 🙂

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