Creating Your Wedding Album


One of my favorite parts of wedding photography and even family photography is ALBUMS! They are the perfect addition for telling the story of your big day or to create your family’s legacy. Look at me… being all cheesy and what not. Pregnancy hormones in full affect while writing this. 🙂

Although albums are beautiful and so fun to look at, the process can be intimidating! Choosing the perfect pictures for your wedding album is no easy task, especially when there’s hundreds of incredible photos you can choose from. A few weeks (or months) after ever wedding, I get an email from one of my couples, asking me how on earth they are supposed to pick photos for their wedding albums so I thought it might be time for a blog (one with examples and pictures!)

Your wedding album will be your first family heirloom and it is important that your wedding day is represented in chronological order. From the getting ready part of the day, to your last dance and grand exit, all the important moments should be included in this gorgeous custom made book to preserve your memories. WORTH IT. Promise!

Spread One: Details. Think wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers, invitation, etc. The pretty things. The heirloom things we photographed, like grandmas ring as your something borrowed.

Spread Two: Getting dressed. This spread should contain pictures of the bride after she steps into her wedding dress for the first time, for example: mom zipping up the back of the dress, bride putting her earrings on, hugging, all the emotions, etc.

Spread Three: The guys. Suits, ties, watches, booze, you know – the good stuff.

Spread Four: All about the bridesmaids. I love this spread to be a collection of photos JUST of the ladies, all dolled up and having a good time.

Spread Five: All about those groomsmen. The funny socks, crazy faces, all of that goes here!

Spread Six: The first look OR the first tough. That special moment where the bride and groom just get to be with each other.

Spread Seven: Ceremony. Walking down the aisle, the bride and her daddy, and any super cute or funny moment that happens during the walks down the aisle.

Spread Eight: Ceremony – big epic shot of the ceremony, traditions, first kiss as a married couple, bride and groom walking out.

Spread Nine: Those family formals that we worked so hard for! Time to show those off.

Spread Ten: The sweet dances. First Dance. Father-daughter. Mother-son. Pull at the heartstrings on this page.

Spread Eleven: All the fun things. Party hard friends because how fun are these spreads?!

Spread Twelve: The big finale. Showing off the private last dance and the exit finish telling the story of the day.


There you have it folks. A full album design. Designing these makes me so giddy. Seeing your wedding day played out in a story telling format is a wonderful way to relive the day and pass it down to your children and your grand children and so on. All the sappy things… these albums bring them out. I’m tellin’ ya the truth. If you’re interested in viewing album pricing and details, you can view that information here: Feel free to reach out to if you want to get the album process started. Can’t wait!

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