Maternity Leave


Well… that escalated quickly. It’s official. I’m on maternity leave. Clockin’ out. Puttin’ my feet up. Takin’ a nap before baby girl arrives. Sounds like a good, good plan right? My rib cage is over this, but all in all I’m feeling pretty great. The excitement builds every day while we wait on Little Miss Ray. I have zero idea what is truly in store for us the next few weeks, but after five years of marriage… I’d say we make a great team and I’m not even nervous about that part. Prayers for a smooth delivery and healthy baby! That’s all I need right now.

So what does this mean for MRP?

Currently, I’m still working behind-the-scenes! I’m writing lots of blog posts, working on updating my website, plus lots of other little business tasks. We’re about 1 month away from her due date – and my goal is to get as much done ahead of time so that when she arrives, I can simply rest, relax, and enjoy this new little member of our family, all while my business still keeps on chugging along! That’s the beauty of working for myself and being able to prep things ahead of time! I’ve prepped a handful of blog posts already for you guys to see while I’m learning how to be a mama. Hope you enjoy them!

For Weddings..

I am still actively booking weddings for 2021! Even though I am “technically” on maternity leave, we are coming into “engagement season”! The majority of engagements happen between November – February, so if you are newly engaged & looking for a wedding photographer – I would still love to chat with you!! Depending on how close you contact me to my due date (and after baby boy is born), we might not be able to chat as quickly as is my normal practice, but we’ll work it out, I promise! I already have so many wonderful couples booked for 2021 – but I definitely have room for a few more! Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you are in need of a wedding photographer! I’m seriously so excited to chat with you!

For Portraits..

I will not be booking any portrait sessions until after I return on December 1st. There’s a handful of people who are previously on the calendar, but if you’re looking for fall photos… we will be out of that business until December. So If you find yourself in need of a portrait session over the next 3-4 months & are simply not sure who to turn to with me being “off”, shoot me a quick note! I’d love to refer you to one of my incredible photographer friends!

And if you want to keep up with us (and know when our little girl arrives)..

The very best way to keep up with me & our expanding little family is on social media!! I’m the most active on Instagram. So, following me on there is probably the very best way to keep in the loop as to when the little guy arrives. Obviously, there will be photos on Facebook, but the ‘gram is definitely the place to follow along if you want more “real time” updates (you know I won’t be able to hold back & will be posting lots of pictures of her)!

I know so many of you feel like you are invested in my pregnancy – especially if I photographed your wedding or engagement session this year! You guys have been absolutely amazing this crazy weird season of corona and bringing new life into the world! I have been overwhelmed by your care & all the little gifts everyone has so graciously surprised me with!! This little girl is already so so loved, not only by her family but by my circle of amazing clients-turned-friends.

So, thank you so much! Thank you for your love & support. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for everything. This business would be absolutely nothing if it wasn’t for you guys – so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much!

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