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Welcome to the blog — home to all of the goodness I capture from both weddings and portraits. It’s the little things, I’m tellin’ ya.

MEET Maddie

Well… that escalated quickly. It’s official. I’m on maternity leave. Clockin’ out. Puttin’ my feet up. Takin’ a nap before baby girl arrives. Sounds like a good, good plan right? My rib cage is over this, but all in all I’m feeling pretty great. The excitement builds every day while we wait on Little Miss Ray. I have zero idea what is truly in store for us the next few weeks, but after five years…

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I’ve blogged nothing personal in a long, long time. Life has been wild, business has been busy, and I’ve put capturing personal things on the back burner. It’s funny how a positive pregnancy test will put a lot of things in perspective! Like how I let myself become a workaholic or how I was so burnout I hated picking up my camera for personal pictures. But that plus sign… immediately changed things for me. That…

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I set a goal two blog twice a week this year and it may already be 6:27 on this Thursday evening and I still have so much editing to do, but my goodness… I’m going to meet this goal. I can’t break it only two days in to this year!! This blog post was meant to happen months ago before we actually finished buying our house and as a way for me to document the…

It’s been approximately four million years since I have written anything personal on the blog. You see since the last time we talked… things have seriously changed. Cody said adios to the Navy, my big girl teaching job sent me into a whole new kind of commitment, Tripp stayed adorable as ever but had to adjust to two almost double-time working parents and it was just downright hard. Meanwhile, at the very same time, this…

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

In my eyes, Texas is majestic.  It’s the Motherland.  The greatest country there ever was.  Texas is huge.  Texas is diverse.  We have lush forests, beaches, mountains, hills, plains.  You name it, we got it.  Texas has heart, soul, and pride.  Texas represents hospitality and friendliness at it’s finest.  Texas isn’t just apart of the south.  Texas is Texas. It’s vastly different than the states in the country and I believe it could like stand on…


"Maddie’s ability to capture the beauty and innocence of love and life is truly a God-given talent. She is always fun and easy going even when dealing with stressed out parents and wild toddlers. Every time we’ve gotten our pictures back there’s moments she has captured that I never even saw."

"Her work is priceless - you will be blessed by her talents!"

Sierra and Hunter

Choosing Maddie for our wedding pictures was hands down the BEST decision! She is not only AMAZING at what she does, but you can tell through her work that is her passion! She is a joy to work with and her energy makes everyone excited about taking pictures (even my stubborn honey had a great time)!

"We had a blast during our time with her, which made it easy for her to capture US!"

MADDIE and Zachary

"She guides the shoot and makes it about whoever the subject is with such comfort and ease. I never doubted her and we have beautiful pictures to prove it!! I truly enjoyed our shoot and I hope we have more in the future."

"Maddie has a wonderful personality!"

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